Authorised Level 2 Electrical Services

What we can provide for you

Dylko Electrical are Level 2 Electricians, who have further qualifications than of normal electricians.

Dylko Electrical is also known as a Level 2 ASP Electrician (Authorised Service Provider or Accredited Service Provider) that is licenced to disconnect and reconnect power by working on the low voltage power lines between residences or business and the street.

The main benefit of a Level 2 Electrician is that they are authorised to do installations, repairs and maintenance on the overhead and underground service mains.

This is dangerous work that is closely monitored by the Electrical Network Authorities and NSW Government.

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Disconnect & Reconnect

At Point of Attachment (POA)

Class 2A

The point of power line attachment may be the fascia board, the apex of your roof structure, the top of your private pole, private pillar, or switchboard inside individual properties where the electricity enters and terminates from the Essential Energy network.


The Dylko Electrical Level 2 license is essential to provide power line connection and disconnection services including remedial structural works, switchboard and equipment upgrades, mains fault rectification and upgrades, service upgrades or bracket upgrades.

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Underground Service Mains

Work on Underground Service Conductors

Class 2B

Depending Council approved building plans, service and consumer main cables are now underground for new land estates or renovated inner city areas.


Damage to live underground electrical cables are dangerous and may result in disruption to the electricity supplies.

Damage to underground cables may be caused by underground excavation by machine or handheld tools.

If there is any suspected damage or disturbance to underground electricity contact Dylko Electrical to install new or repair damaged power cables.

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Over Head Service Mains

Work on Over Head Service Conductors

Class 2C

Dylko Electrical offers customers disconnection and reconnection of electrical supply.


Dylko Electrical ASP expertise includes underground and overhead power lines.


To ensure the safety and reliability of NSW’s power supply, only Accredited Service Providers such as Dylko Electrical operating under the ASP scheme can perform any work associated with dedicated Level 2 Electrical services.

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Service Upgrades

Electrical Upgrades

Ageing electrical equipment can be unreliable and unsafe.


Dylko Electrical are qualified to upgrade or replace obsolete electrical equipment in line with the latest technology and help keep your electrical assets running safer, better and longer. It will also allow you to obtain better and more detailed reports on electrical usage from your energy supplier.


Dylko Electrical installs power poles, switchboards, switchgear and all associated electrical linework for residential and commercial properties.

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Emergency Services

Ensuring your property is protected

Dylko Electrical has qualified electricians available on-call for emergency Level 2 work.


Due to the high-risk nature of electrical works, emergency works take priority over all other power projects.

Defect Notice Compliance Rectifications

Australian Electrical Wiring rules AS/NZS3000

Essential Energy may conduct routine property inspection of electrical work and may issue an electrical defect notice where some of the cabling has deteriorated. If this occurs, you need to contact Dylko Electrical to undertake repairs to bring electrical work back to compliance. Dylko Electrical installs all associated electricals for residential and commercial properties.

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